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We know this school year is exceptionally challenging for both parents and teachers struggling to find a new norm for K-12 learning in the COVID-19 climate. It remains unclear what school will look like, and how teachers and parents alike will contribute to student instruction. National Day of Design offers real-world learning experiences to all learners and brings essential STEM skills to life. This year’s National Day of Design Mission, sponsored by Walmart, is titled Virtual Voyagers: Boldly Navigating Security and Virtual Collaboration.

Participating students will design an age-appropriate solution for protecting personal information in collaborative working spaces. The Mission, which has been re-imagined for use at school and/or at home, is conveniently broken into sections with implementation guidelines for individual, group, in-person and virtual use.

In the coming weeks, this free, standards-aligned curriculum and leader’s guide can be downloaded at In just a single-class period, students can develop real-world, relevant, job-readiness skills, and connect with a nationwide community of problem-solvers and trailblazers.

Day of Design Missions encourage students to create like an innovator by employing critical thinking, teamwork, and an entrepreneurial mindset while innovating a solution to the problem. In the Virtual Voyagers Design Mission, students will wrestle with a challenge that impacts their daily live and their communities: Cybersecurity.

We hope you will SAVE THE DATE, join the National Day of Design community in the month of October – Cybersecurity Month – and share your videos, quotes, and Mission-related stories using the hash-tags #DayofDesign2020 and #WalmartVirtualVoyagers and tagging @Walmart and @STEMconnector.


While you may not be able to join us in the Discovery Green tent this year, you can explore these STEM resources at home!

Digital Citizenship

All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life. Common Sense Education provides resources to help students navigate the world of digital citizenship and take ownership of their digital lives.

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